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Specifications Ecoroofs


Green roofs are not only vibrant to look at, they also manage rainwater, reduce global warming, and extend the longevity of your roof. Properly designed, ecoroofs do not leak and require very little maintenance. An architect can determine the structural requirements, design an ecoroof to fit your house, and then ensure that it is properly built. A low cost vegetated roof is a beautiful way to encourage visits from birds and butterflies!

Ecoroof Design Ecoroof Design

Intensive ecoroofs, typically installed on large commercial buildings, can be several feet deep and use complex roofing systems to support large plants and trees; Extensive ecoroofs, typically found on residential and smaller commercial buildings, are only 2-6” deep and use very simple, low-cost materials to support a variety of smaller plants; sedums, which have an astounding variety of color and texture, do best in our area.

Typical Ecoroof Detail

Sample Project Sample Project

dirt spread

This green roof was installed on an existing Portland residence. First, structural improvements were made to handle the new load then a new waterproof membrane was installed. In the course of a weekend, the homeowners used buckets and a pulley to bring the soil up to the roof and planted the sedum plugs in a spiral design. Proper detailing includes a curb at the perimeter and an overflow drain.

Full Report · pdf

Read my full report on this project – accomplished, in part, with funds from the Portland Bureau of Environmental Services residential ecoroof grant program.

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